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Enda Morris


Enda Morris’s earlier career was spent in the hospitality trade where he trained in all areas of the trade. He made a complete change of direction in 2005 achieving a long held ambition in massage therapy completing holistic massage therapies including Swedish massage and Indian head massage. In 2014 he decided to add reflexology to his résumé as he felt that the feet were not involved enough in massage treatments. reflexology as a therapy is focused directly on the feet and treats the whole body which can be an alternative to treating a client with extreme pain in other parts of the body thus clearing the way to helping the client directly. In the same year he completed level 1 course in reiki to gain knowledge of its practices.
In 2015 he decided to further his career as a foot health practitioner re- studying anatomy and physiology along with the foot health practitioners course set in Cornwall, England and completed in the summer of 2016. He worked in a clinic gaining hands on experience of a wide range of foot health problems.

He now offers all services to a wide range of patients. All services can be tailored to suit each client’s needs depending on their ailments.

He is constantly updating his qualifications as new courses of his interest arise.


Reflexology is the application of specific pressure to specific parts of the feet, known as reflexes, which correspond to all the systems and parts of the body.


Keeping your feet healthy is like keeping your car serviced – a regular check stops inconvenient breakdowns later.


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